From New England, With Love

CannaCo New England started growing industrial hemp in the state of Maine after the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill. Our goal has always been to create premium hemp-derived CBD products that are of the highest quality and affordable to the consumer. We start all hemp plants from seed and cares for them through the growing season until they are able to be processed into the final CBD products available to you.

A window into our process begins with the growing season in early spring. At this time, the hemp is seeded  in greenhouses. As they become plants, we move them outside into the fields where they are carefully tended to in order to obtain the highest yields and quality. Once the plants reach maturity the hemp is then harvested, dried and processed into a usable form of CBD isolate or distillate. After the CBD has been extracted from the hemp plant we use it to create products like our broad-spectrum CBD tincture and dog treats. All of our products at CannaCo New England are hemp-derived, THC free, and come 3rd party lab tested so you can rest assured that what you’re getting is what is stated on the bottle.

CannaCo New England

At CannaCo New England we begin by sowing seeds. We nurture them into plants and tend to them throughout the growing season. After the hemp plants reach maturity, they are carefully harvested and prepared for processing.

The parts of the plant containing the highest concentration of CBD are selected and used for extraction. The extraction process removes the unwanted plant fats, waxes and organic matter. This leaves behind concentrated CBD.

With this pure form of CBD we formulate tinctures by blending the concentrate with a carrying oil. At CannaCo, we use a coconut based medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil that is easy for the body to metabolize. This supports a high amount of CBD to be absorbed by the body.